Total dedication at the Penalty Shootout Cup: team spirit at the employee event

We all know it: big developments within the company don’t come from one individual alone – they are the product of teams. This is why we not only want to design our work, our offers and our services to be agile, but why we also want to embody our corporate culture together. A prime example: the Penalty Shootout Cup organised by our employees themselves and supported by the general management. This popular employee event was held for the 3rd time this year – and is a true example of team spirit.

An employee event – organised entirely by employees

The GEZE Penalty Shootout Cup is a classic shootout tournament which has taken place annually since it was launched in 2017 on the Astroturf at SV Leonberg/Eltingen. The motto: It’s the taking part that matters – and everyone loves to be involved. From planning to breakdown, this employee event is organised entirely by our employees and by volunteer helpers!

Fun for the whole family at the Penalty Shootout Cup

The Penalty Shootout Cup is a classic shootout tournament: there were 14 teams of 5 players each in 2019. They shot goals from a distance of 11 metres, although women were allowed two metres less – if they wanted. The great thing about the penalty shootout is that everyone can take part – from skilled professional footballers to undiscovered talent. As a reward, all of the participants receive prizes and give-aways provided by the management.

The Penalty Shootout Cup is about more than just shooting goals however – it's also about enjoying a great day together. There was something for everyone young and old, even for non-football fans:

  • A delicious BBQ and drinks made sure everyone was well catered for
  • A bouncy castle and face-painting provided added fun for the kids
  • A DJ set the right mood with music

So it's no wonder that the 3rd annual Penalty Shootout Cup provided such a great atmosphere for the roughly 100 colleagues who attended with their families.

Want to see more pictures? Find out how the 2018 Penalty Shootout Cup went here.

Strong together: teamwork at the employee event

There’s no doubt about it – it takes lots of helping hands to make a diverse programme like this a reality. So we’d like to warmly thank and praise the main organisers from the different departments – and, of course, our many colleagues who volunteered to help with set-up and take-down. Once again this year, GEZE management provided additional prizes and paid the costs for the DJ, tents, tables, benches, face-painting, a bouncy castle, and German Red Cross first responders on-site. The management was happy to support this self-organised employee event.