Award-winning: GEZE apprentices are among the best in the region

On 17 October, seven of our apprentices at GEZE received the Böblingen Chamber of Commerce award for outstanding performance in their final exams. They completed their training this summer in positions such as IT Specialist, Construction Mechanic, Mechatronics Engineer or Industrial Salesperson. With an average grade of 1.4 or better, four of our apprentices are among the best apprentices in the District Chamber of Commerce. Three of our apprentices were praised for their average grade of less than 1.9.

GEZE is a top trainer

Almost 900 apprentices in the Böblingen District Chamber of Commerce enrolled for their final exams in the summer of 2019. 164 young professionals scored well above average in their exams, including seven GEZE apprentices.

We are extremely happy with the results achieved by our apprentices across all fields. The awards and praise are also a sign for us managers that regular investment in personnel and technical resources for training pays off. A great confirmation for the GEZE apprentices and for us.

Rolf Böhmler, Training manager

Training at GEZE

Training our own professionals in both technical and sales fields has been a tradition for GEZE for over 80 years. Our own training workshop at the Leonberg site has been in operation since 1963. We believe that a high-quality dual apprenticeship is the best basis for the future careers of young people. We do not just focus on the professional aspects; we particularly encourage creative ideas and using one's own initiative. We also support the continued personal development of our apprentices with in-house training, mentoring and project work. This also includes an in-house prize which is awarded to apprentices who have demonstrated particularly good performances in vocational school. We train between 15 to 20 young men and women per academic year. In addition to this, a further 14 to 16 participants take various dual study courses.

Integration into the company as a key success factor

We regularly ask our apprentices how happy they are with their training at GEZE. It has become evident that the professionals of the future are supported not just in terms of professional skill. Our apprentices particularly appreciate the fact that they are quickly recognised as being part of the GEZE family.

Always on the lookout for applicants

Like all companies who offer apprenticeships, we also feel that dual training is becoming less important to students and their parents. Therefore, we are intensively engaged in marketing training - not just for our own needs, but also to provide special opportunities to young people which can help guide them in a practically-oriented career. Rolf Böhmler explains: "Around a third of our apprentices have an unfinished university course behind them. They are often surprised by how challenging a training can be and what opportunities it gives them for future career paths. We try to reach students, parents and teachers early on with offers of work experience, school partnerships and information events. Because dual training offers an incredible range of opportunities, especially for people who find pure theory too boring."

We will also be providing training in commercial and sales careers in 2020.

You can apply from today to start training.