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Young members of the German Technical Relief Agency (THW) visit our apprentices at the GEZE training workshop

Five young helpers from the Technical Relief Agency Leonberg were simply amazed at the professional equipment at the GEZE training workshop. There, with the active support of our apprentices, they set about constructing a shelf for the new equipment trailer.

Double support for the Technical Relief Agency

The German Technical Relief Agency frequently comes to the rescue in an emergency. Whether during floods, storms or power failures – the relief agency arrives at the scene with state-of-the-art technical equipment and specialist expertise. It is truly an honour that we can support the local Leonberg association, and especially the young members of the Technical Relief Agency. Twice in this case. Firstly, we sponsored an equipment trailer to ensure the right equipment was always at hand during operations. Secondly, we invited the young helpers to fit out the trailer themselves.

The GEZE training workshop

Apprentices are usually the ones used to learning. But this time, they were needed as teachers to show the five young helpers from the Technical Relief Agency how to use the machines in our training workshop correctly. Profile tubes were sawn, machined and assembled - until a shelving system for the new equipment trailer was ready. Since the young helpers will later use the trailer themselves, they were able to make a contribution to the final result and at the same time get to know GEZE. Of course, there was also a small tour of the company.

We always enjoy passing on some of the knowledge we learn here to others - and if it's for a good cause at the same time, all the better!

The GEZE training workshop apprentices

GEZE helps helpers

The five young members of the Technical Relief Agency left the GEZE factory premises with the good feeling that they had really achieved something. And we were delighted to receive this thank-you e-mail:

"Many thanks to GEZE for the opportunity to let us take a look at the training workshop and the successful afternoon for our young helpers. We will deploy the equipment trailer that GEZE has made available to us to further improve our aid resources and make Leonberg a little safer. We can help thanks to your help!"

And our reply: With pleasure – you are welcome any time!